Harvest, a Beautiful Invoicing App

The challenge of good time tracking

  • Time entry using Excel spreadsheets
  • Weekly time sheets that ask for super-detailed info for each task: start and end time, duration, project name, task type, employee name, etc.
  • Hard-coded task lists that never quite describe what you have been doing, and no option to add your own descriptions.
  • Mandatory fractional input, forcing you to type 4.25 instead of 4:15

Harvest to the rescue

My Harvest account showing the daily time entry form and the stopwatch

Expense tracking

I’m adding an Uber expense. Harvest warns me that I’m declaring billable expenses on an un-billable project.


I’m creating a freeform invoice, with two tax rates and a discount.

My experience with Harvest

A page from the Expense Report which lists all billable expenses with their corresponding scanned receipts

Want to try it out yourself?



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