• Luca Pierpaoli

    Luca Pierpaoli

    LIFE LOVER | Senior Software Engineer | Blockchain developer for fun | Songwriter and producer at [buonaMusika] | Lingalad guitar player

  • Tokusuke Utsugi

    Tokusuke Utsugi

  • Abraham George

    Abraham George

  • Jelle Verheyen

    Jelle Verheyen

    .NET enthusiast

  • Tuğçe Arar

    Tuğçe Arar

    Software Engineer

  • Tapan Kumar Patro

    Tapan Kumar Patro

    πŸ“š Machine learning | πŸ€– Deep Learning | πŸ‘€ Computer vision | πŸ—£ Natural Language processing | πŸ‘‚ Audio Data | πŸ–₯ End to End Software Development | πŸ–Œ

  • ibrahim can karta

    ibrahim can karta

  • Steve Peltonen

    Steve Peltonen

    Adventure seeker, music lover, event and content creator, mostly focusing on Co-Founder @ Framian

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