10 ideas per day — the ultimate creativity hack

I have collected over 300 ideas

Having a large idea list gives me an abundance mindset

I’m ready for when the robots come

I always have something to work on

Ideas are SMART

  • Specific: the idea is clearly defined.
  • Measurable: the successful or unsuccessful outcome of the idea can be measured.
  • Attainable: a successful outcome is possible.
  • Realistic: the resources are available to achieve a successful outcome.
  • Time-bound: the idea can be executed in a manageable amount of time.

Ideas enhance my life

  • buy milk from the supermarket
  • buy eggs
  • take the dog for a walk

Ideas build on each other

Ideas are testable

In summary

  • It gave me 310 ideas.
  • It made me very creative.
  • It gave me an abundance mindset.
  • It prepared me for the robot revolution.
  • It kept me very busy.



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